Strengthen your brand by making the news. We’ll deliver it for you.

ESPR Newswire is a subsidiary of Elliott Stares Public Relations (ESPR LLC), an established public relations company founded by Elliott Stares, a British-born PR veteran with more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, based in the U.S since 2002.

ESPR Newswire is a fixed-price and affordable press release distribution service for brands and businesses that do not require a long-term PR campaign, but are in need of delivering their news and announcements into the hands of the right media in a timely fashion.

Over two decades of industry experience has resulted in an extensive list of up-to-date media contacts and relationships developed by ESPR across the U.S, in a number of regions and in a variety of industry sectors. Press information distributed by an established PR business with years of building national media relations campaigns is far more likely to be viewed and considered by an editor or journalist who has frequent personal contact, than through distribution by a company that simply harvests email addresses and does not have industry-wide “editorial relationships.”

ESPR Newswire ensures your press information is delivered directly to ESPR trusted editors and journalists who evaluate the content for their own editorial stories – published in real editorial columns and viewed by a large captive audience. An article written by a staff journalist or established member of the press automatically gives credibility and widespread exposure to your brand. This will also generate “earned” media coverage for your company.

ESPR Newswire acts as an ideal channel for company news to be delivered to hundreds, often thousands of current media contacts – increasing the likelihood of your announcements being seen and published by industry-specific local and regional press or nationally by the world’s leading news organizations. ESPR Newswire is both affordable and efficient.

For example, ESPR Newswire can deliver:

  • News on an upcoming exhibit, show or artist
  • News or announcements on a newly appointed position or executive promotion
  • News on a notable achievement by an employee or senior management executive
  • News on the launch of a new company or non-profit organization
  • News on the launch of a new product or service
  • News on the sales or performance of a product or service
  • News on the introduction of a new App, e-commerce solution or website
  • News on the opening of a new office, restaurant or retail location
  • News on an upcoming event or presentation
  • A review or highlights from a special event or recent presentation

For a nominal one-time cost of $700, your news will be delivered to the media in your choice of:

Industry Sector (choice of one)

Hotels and Resorts Editors and writers (1400+ contacts)
Travel and Hospitality Editors and writers (2300+ contacts)
Health and Wellness Editors and writers (1400+ contacts)
Fashion Editors and writers (1000+ contacts)
Beauty Editors and writers (1400+ contacts)
Art / Culture and Design Editors and writers (1700+ contacts)
Sport Editors and writers (1100+ contacts
Celebrity & Entertainment Editors and writers (1900+ contacts)
Technology and Digital Editors and writers (400+ contacts)

Including Television producers and reporters


Region (choice of one)

South Florida media (2200+ contacts)
New York media (750+ contacts)
Los Angeles media (640+ contacts)
Chicago media (400+ contacts)
National media (4400+ contacts)

Including Television producers and reporters


  • For a fixed price of $700 per press release distribution, your news will enjoy a one-time delivery to an opt-in email database list of the country’s leading editors, journalists, freelance writers and TV producers on a date of your choice
  • After providing the necessary background, your customized press release of 500 words will be developed by a member of the ESPR Newswire team – a professional writer with years of PR and journalism experience
  • Alternatively, a fully developed press release, already written and edited to 500 words, can be provided by you
  • Once approved, your press release with company logo and images (optional) will be electronically sent by email to a highly targeted list of current media contacts on monthly magazines, weekly publications, daily newspapers, online news outlets and broadcast media that are relevant to your region or industry sector
  • The ‘Media Contact’ of your choice is included in the emailed press release being sent, enabling any media responses to be sent directly. This will allow you to engage in a private conversation with responding and interested members of the press to potentially establish a relationship
  • You will also be included in the distribution to receive the exact email that is seen by each media recipient, so you know when it has been sent and how it appears
  • ESPR Newswire will suggest and recommend an Email Subject Line for your press release distribution
  • ESPR Newswire can receive a wide-ranging percentage for the total number of emails opened following distribution. This percentage depends on the “newsworthy” content and appeal of the press release received
  • 48 hours following distribution, you will receive an emailed report showing the total number of emails sent, delivered and opened. The report will not indicate “who” has seen your press release. Only a total number is given.
  • The content of your press release for distribution will include the following:
    • A headline recommended by your consultant from ESPR Newswire
    • Details on upcoming or existing “news” or an announcement pertaining to your brand or business
    • The option to include a “quote” from a member of your organization (relating to the news or announcement)
    • Your company website address or URL of choice together with contact email address
    • Social media handles and hash tags
    • The option to include images (eg. photography relating to the news or announcement)
    • Details of the chosen “Media Contact” included for any media inquiries or direct responses from the press
    • Your company logo


  • Up to 500 words about your news or announcement as a Word file
  • Alternatively, your own pre-written press release (up to 500 words max.) can be provided
  • The option of providing 2 related images (jpeg photos or illustrations)
  • Your company/brand logo (jpeg format)
  • Details of your chosen ‘Media Contact’ for interested members of the press to respond to
  • Your contact details for a member from ESPR Newswire to reach you
  • Your preferred one-time payment of $700 by credit card or PayPal


  • Each email database of media contacts is updated weekly but may fluctuate in numbers periodically due to editorial staff changes on specific media outlets
  • There is no guarantee a media recipient will open an email received, respond to or publish your press release
  • ESPR Newswire is a press release distribution and delivery service only, and is not responsible for a media recipient’s decision to open an email received, publish information they have been sent or for the resulting content or timing of any published editorial resulting from distribution
  • ESPR Newswire is not responsible for the number of emails opened following distribution
  • The likelihood of resulting editorial being published from the information sent is established by the “newsworthy” content and appeal of the press release received – determined at the discretion of each media outlet
  • Should a media outlet wish to publish any information received, the resulting editorial content and timing is determined by the recipient from each media outlet or by senior members of its editorial team
  • ESPR Newswire, media recipients and press outlets are not obligated to notify when or if emailed press release information has been received or opened by a specific person, or whether it will be published at any time
  • All press releases distributed by ESPR Newswire will be received by media recipients “From ESPR Newswire” via the Enflyer email marketing platform
  • ESPR Newswire requires a minimum of 24 hours to write a press release from when complete background information is received, as determined by the assigned consultant from ESPR Newswire
  • Press release distribution will not occur until after final and written approval of the content has been received by ESPR Newswire from the authorized company member or ESPR Newswire client


To continue as an ESPR Newswire client, please complete the following ESPR Newswire Client Contact Form with the required details for your press release distribution. The information submitted will not be shared or used for any purpose beyond the service provided by ESPR Newswire.


Call 305.374.9922 or send us an email and we will answer any questions you may have. No purchase obligation is necessary for a one-time free consultation.


  • Upon receipt of your one-time payment, a member from ESPR Newswire will contact you by phone and/or email within 12 hours to confirm receipt of your uploaded information and to discuss any additional content or information required
  • Within the subsequent 24 hours, your assigned consultant will email the completed press release for your approval to the email address you have provided. One round of edits can be made
  • If you choose to upload your own press release, ESPR Newswire may suggest some edits to make it more appealing
  • ESPR Newswire will suggest and recommend an Email Subject Line for your emailed press release distribution
  • Upon receiving final and written approval, your press release will then be distributed on the chosen date and to the chosen media list(s) indicated on the ESPR Newswire Client Contact Form
  • You will receive an identical email displaying your press release that is delivered to all media recipients at the time it is sent to your chosen list
  • An ESPR Newswire report will be emailed to you 48 hours (2 business days) following distribution, showing the total number of emails sent, the total number of emails delivered and a the total number of emails opened at the time the report is provided

It’s that simple.

The final step. A complete and one-time secure payment of $700.00 is required to deliver your exciting news to the media. The preparation of your press release will begin upon receipt and confirmation of full payment.

  • Price: $700.00
  • American Express


While press coverage on your brand or business is never guaranteed, there is an effective method to monitor for any coverage that may occur – at no cost. ESPR Newswire recommends using Google News Alerts to be automatically notified in real-time if or when your company or brand is mentioned online in the digital news. Sign-in to Google and enter your key words and select from the dropdown menu options how you would like to receive your emailed notifications. Repeat this process for as many key words as you want alerts for.


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