Media Relations and Press Office Management

As the foundation and nucleus of a brand’s Press Office operation, proactive media outreach is of utmost importance to continuously raise awareness, maintain a brand presence and to keep the company relevant within its market through constant news generation. Written materials that form a corporate Press Kit are continuously developed to provide background for the media and to announce new initiatives. These are crafted in a way that will ultimately shape public opinion through resulting editorial coverage.

ESPR specializes in media relations and corporate communications. The essential packaging of a story followed by accurately targeting the most relevant editors and journalists is key to effective editorial placement. Years of successful pitching has developed long-standing relationships that consequently garner positive and continued results with the media. Solid relationships established with editors at print, broadcast and online media outlets have resulted in client appearances on some of the leading TV newscasts, supported by editorial articles in some of the world’s most prominent publications, both English and Spanish.

The effective management of a client’s Press Office is both proactive and reactive. Knowing how to respond to a media inquiry and maximize the coverage opportunity takes experience. Whether it’s booking a client on numerous morning shows, securing a series of one-on-one press briefings or arranging an international media trip to a client’s resort, ESPR is able to generate interest among its rolodex of national and international contacts for resulting coverage that is highly targeted. This editorial exposure will then be exploited through a number of additional channels, including social media – by both the client and media outlet.